Rose Petal Facial Soap Bar


Ingredients: Goats Milk Glycerin, Rose Petals, Witch Hazel

Our Lakota Rose Petal Facial Bar is handcrafted with a goat milk base, enriched and lightly scented with organic rose petals, dried and coarsely crushed into a perfect partnership with witch hazel. This is a great facial bar for those who are sensitive to added essential oils.

This moisturizing, cleansing, and brightening facial bar is an amazing addition to any daily skin care routine. Order yours today and see just how strong the healing powers of rose petals truly are!

Bar weighs 3.75oz

Keep bars from sitting in water to avoid unwanted softening and dissolving. Store in a cool, dry place.


Customer Reviews

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Carmen Elston
Beautiful products

Beautiful shapes and petals in soap- light natural fragrance.

Rose petal face var

Wonderful bar for your face. Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. Love it


Excellent face wash if you have dry/sensitive skin like me. It definitely sudses up more easily with warm/hot water. It still works with cold water, but I have to wash more than once. Also be sure to put it on a surface that lets the water drain out between uses!


I love these products! Highly recommend!

Shelbi Pascual
Great Facial Soap!

Love this soap. It makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. It has also helped reduce acne which has given me a boost of confidence. If you’re looking for a facial soap that will actually clean your skin and help with acne, then give this one a try!