VanLav Shampoo and Body Bar


Ingredients: Oatmeal and Shea Butter Glycerin, Vanilla, Lavender Essential Oils

This shampoo & body bar is excellent for anyone suffering from dry skin / eczema / psoriasis. A smooth claiming scent with an amazing lather! Works amazing for dry scalps as well! 

Natural shampoo bars are easy to use! If you are new to shampoo bars, finding the right bar and using the best technique for your hair can help in a successful transition from synthetic shampoo to natural shampoo bars. Since natural shampoo bars are so gentle, it can take a while to remove all of the silicones and petroleum-based products used on your hair for years. If you do not lather and rinse really well, you will have areas that remain coated with the soap oils and synthetic shampoo residue, which will make your hair feel “gummy.” The simplest way to avoid this is to fully lather and rinse your hair multiple times!

Lakota Made's Shampoo and Body Bars are made without added preservatives or harmful chemicals, such as parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrances. Our eco-friendly bars are also free of microplastics and plastic packaging, making them good for both your body and the environment!

How to use a Lakota Made Shampoo and Body Bar as a shampoo

  1. First, make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet.
  2. Gently rub the shampoo bar directly onto your hair from scalp to ends in a combing and/or circular motion. Continue to add water as you create the lather. (To avoid tangles, be sure to always work from the top down, don't pile your hair on your head, and use your fingers like a comb, not a mixer.)
  3. Lather up your hair fully, then be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse!!! Especially if your hair is new to using a shampoo bar, you'll want to fully lather and rinse two or possibly three times.
  4. The rinsing should take longer than the washing and lathering time. If your hair is long or thick, lift up sections of your hair to ensure that all of the shampoo bar residues are rinsed clean. Also, pay special attention to rinsing the middle back of your head and the nape of your neck, as these are common trouble spots.

Bar weighs 3.75oz

Keep bars from sitting in water to avoid unwanted softening and dissolving. Store in a cool, dry place.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Amy Z
Love it!

What a great shampoo bar! Besides just being very pretty, it smells fabulous & works great! I love it!


I love how rich this product is. Really gets into my skin to sloth. Good in my scalp to clean and soothe and also for my body. The smell is so pretty, also.


Love this, my hair is definitely softer. I will buy it again and maybe others as well

Corbyn Y
New fav shampoo

Love this shampoo bar so much. I’ve tried multiple and they have left my scalp and hair dry no matter what. This one didn’t! I’ve only used it for a month now, but so far am loving it. Smells great too and seems to last a long time!


Always my favorite shampoo bar. I’ve switched completely over from liquid shampoo- this bar makes my hair so soft and lush, and I’ve noticed that my scalp is balanced, and my hair is thicker. I have oily hair that tends towards dandruff occasionally, and this bar has been a lifesaver! I also use it on my legs after shaving- no more pesky shaving bumps!