"Home" Beaded Earrings


These beautiful "Home" Beaded Earrings were handcrafted by a Lakota artist from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. (the sharpie is for size comparison.)  

These earrings feature various pink, purple, white, and sparkly beads, with a pink rose and a photo of the characters from the animated movie "Home."

Why is it important to buy Indigenous art made by Indigenous/Native peoples? Whether it's a star quilt, dreamcatcher, or a piece of beadwork, it's not difficult to see the beauty and detailing of Indigenous art. While much of the artwork made by Native peoples is contemporary, many of the different styles, patterns, and methods of crafting this art has deep cultural significance and has been passed through generations of Indigenous artists.

For hundreds of years, it was illegal for Native Americans to practice their cultures, and this included crafting, selling, and wearing their traditional jewelry and clothing. In 1978, once it was made legal for Native people to practice their cultures, many non-Native people began making and selling "American Indian art and jewelry." These pieces were often poorly made and portrayed Indigenous cultures inaccurately and very offensively. As this was happening, actual Native artists who tried to sell their crafts struggled to gain the platform and visibility that non-Native artists had. Indigenous peoples once again were invisible while their cultures were being exploited for profit.

To address this growing issue, The Indian Arts and Crafts Act was passed in 1990. This law prohibited the misrepresentation in the marketing of Native art and craft products within the United States. This law has helped protect Indigenous artists and their cultures, however many non-Native people still make and sell "Native-inspired" crafts to this day. To support Native peoples and the revitalization of Indigenous cultures, it's very important to buy Native-made vs. Native-inspired. It is not offensive, and is actually encouraged, for non-Native people to buy and wear Native-made art and jewelry, and actively participate in supporting Indigenous peoples and appreciating their cultures.

Please note that Lakota Made has a very limited quantity of Indigenous-made art available for purchase. Each piece is handmade with unique colors, and once a piece is sold it will not be remade or restocked.