Misfit Bundle #10

Since all of our products are small batch made, we end up with a lot of what we like to call "misfits"! These are products that for various reasons we can't sell as normal products (discolored, too small, liquidy, unknown product, etc). The medicinal effects of misfits are very similar to that of our standard products, however keep in mind that all misfit products are take at your own risk.

There is only one of each type of misfit bundle. Once a bundle has sold, it will not be restocked!

In Misfit Bundle #10 there are four salves in 8oz jars, two teas, two lip balms, two soap bars, and a lotion bar. If the product isn't labelled in the photo, it's an unknown product.

We do not accept any requests for modifications to the bundles... what you see is what you get!