Honey is celebrated for its traditional use and general wellness properties. It is known to contribute to the overall maintenance of digestive health and is valued for its rich antioxidant content. Honey is often recognized for its unique composition, which differs from standard table sugar, providing a different approach to sweetness. Additionally, it is traditionally used in various culinary practices for its rich, natural flavors and is noted for its general qualities that support well-being.



Our products containing Honey:

Pejuta Wašte Honey

Elderberry Infused Honey

Ištima Pe Infused Honey

Kikta Pe Infused Honey

Inihaƞpi Infused Honey

Honey Lavender Shampoo & Body Bar

Elderberry Honey Syrup

Akišni Honey Syrup

Pejuta Oniya Honey Syrup

Elderberry Mullein Tonic 16oz

Elderberry Tonic 16oz

Elderberry Tonic 32oz

Honey Lemon Shampoo & Body Bar

Skin Brightening Face and Body Bar

Invigorating Honey Shampoo & Body Bar

Spring Honey Shampoo & Body Bar

Lala's Shampoo & Body Bar