Cagu Tincture


Čagu Tincture (2oz Dropper Bottle)

Ingredients: mullein, horehound, plantain, plant glycerin, water (alcohol-free)

Čagu (cha - goo) means lung in the Lakota language. This tincture is great for maintaining overall lung health, as well as treating symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as colds, flu, and seasonal allergies.

Dosage: To use a tincture, fill one dropper with the liquid, and drip it into the mouth, just under the tongue. Hold the tincture in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. For children, 1/2 dropper full as needed.

Medicinal benefits of mullein: Mullein’s soft, flannel-like leaves help signify its soothing nature. Mullein opens constricted airways, moistens the lungs, and eases and cools inflammation and irritation. It can be used solo, but it makes a lovely supportive herb in this lung blend.

Medicinal benefits of horehoundThis wrinkly, silvery herb tastes intensely bitter, with an oily texture. Even though it doesn’t taste or smell aromatic, it’s rich in essential oils. Horehound thins and moves mucus, and it’s a classic for wet coughs, making them more productive.

Medicinal benefits of plantain: This common weed can be found in lawns, paths, and disturbed soils. The richer the soil, the bigger it gets. Plantain is most famously used as a poultice for bug bites and bee stings, but the leaves are also soothing and healing in lung recipes. They ease irritation and dryness as well as boggy dampness, gently moisturizing while also helping to dry, tighten, and tone the mucus lining. They may offer antimicrobial activity as well.