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Marigold Tumeric Body and Hand Bar

Marigold Tumeric Body and Hand Bar

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Ingredients: organic & sustainably sourced goat milk, Glycerin, water, sodium palmitate, sorbitol, sodium cocoate, decyl glucoside, sodium chloride, palm fatty acid, pentasodium pentatate, tetrasodium etidronate.
• Sulfate and MPG Free
• 100% of the Oils are certified organic
• Good foaming
• pH 8.0 – 9.0


Marigold and Tumeric Goat Milk Body and Hand Bar!

Marigolds are known for their beautiful flowers in gardens but did you know they have anti-inflammatory properties!? They do! And in soap they help with any anti-inflammatory system being used such as Salves, herbals teas and now when you shower and or wash your hands!

Super lightly scented! And beautifully colored!