Misfit Facial Soap Bar


Summer Garden Facial Bar

Ingredients: honey glycerin base, rose petals, calendula petals, bentonite clay.

Two different bar sizes, 2.5oz and 4.5oz (by weight) and will not come in any packaging.

“Misfits” are products that didn’t quite make the cut. Since all of our products are small batch made, we end up with what we like to call “misfits“! These are products that for various reasons we can’t sell as normal products, (discolored, too small, liquidy, unlabeled product, ect). The intended effect of misfits are very similar to that of our standard products. Normally we don’t sell misfits online, but this is our exception because we have so many of these bars!

These bars turned into misfits because they didn’t quite turn out how we’d like them to look.