Summer Relief Salve 4 oz.


Product comes in a 4oz glass jar.

Uses: Bug bites, poison ivy/oak, sunburns, stinging nettle, bee stings, cuts scrapes. It's a great anti-itch salve for everything summer! For external use only.

Salves should be kept in a cool, dry area.  Do not let salves freeze or melt as this will cause the consistency to be off. The product should still work as intended if this happens, but the consistency will make it more difficult to apply.

About Our Summer Relief Salve

Use for most minor issues that ail you. When applied properly, this salve is safe for all ages too!

I love this multipurpose salve so much! My 2-year-old is prone to sensitive skin. Although we are currently potty-training, there is still work to be done. If she isn't changed immediately after an accident, my little one is bound to get a diaper rash — or, at least, she used to! Now, instead of pain and soreness, a quick application of this summer relief salve always works to resolve the discomfort and facilitate the healing process. Truly, it's a miracle elixir!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kayla Young

The summer relief salve came just in time for mosquito season. Let me tell you this stuff is amazing!!!! It smells wonderful and goes on smooth without it feeling greasy. 10 stars if I could!!!


I bought this on a whim for my family member who has very bad reactions to mosquito bites. At the time the salve arrived, I had gotten a REALLY nasty spider bite that made a swollen bruise nearly the size of my palm. I'd been using over the counter medicinal creams and nothing was working. Within a day using the Summer Salve, the swelling was gone. It's been improving rapidly. I had to apply it more often than drugstore creams for the itching, but I'm seeing a much faster healing with this salve. I've also tried it for minor sunburns and it's working great! The expiration date is great too! We'll be able to use this for several years! Definitely worth the money!

Heather New
Awesome product!

I absolutely love how effective this product is for poison ivy relief! I apply it anytime I feel an itch. It has also helped dry up the spots so much faster than store bought junk!

Allison Lary-Oaks
Essential for summer!

Our 2.5 year old daughter is SO sensitive to bug bites and this works miracles! It eases the itching and provides so much relief! She even specifically asks for her”medicine” when she gets a bug bite.

CustomerCarolyn Anderson
Summer Relief Salve

This salve works very well! I've been using it for tick bites (ticks seem to be extra numerous this year). It gives blessed relief from itching. I would highly recommend this salve for bug bites!