Summer Relief Salve 4 oz.


Ingredients: Plantain, Yarrow, Jewelweed, sunflower oil, and beeswax.

Product comes in a 4oz glass jar.

Uses: Bug bites, poison ivy/oak, sunburns, stinging nettle, bee stings, cuts scrapes. It's a great natural anti-itch salve for everything summer!

About Our Summer Relief Salve

Use for most minor issues that ail you. Natural ingredients are hypoallergenic and suitable for most skin types. When applied properly, this salve is safe for all ages too!

I love this multipurpose salve so much! My 2-year-old is prone to sensitive skin. Although we are currently potty-training, there is still work to be done. If she isn't changed immediately after an accident, my little one is bound to get a nasty diaper rash — or, at least, she used to! Now, instead of pain and soreness, a quick application of this summer relief salve always works to resolve the discomfort and facilitate the healing process. Truly, it's a miracle elixir!