Cedarwood oil, recognized for its natural properties, has a variety of uses and benefits. Research indicates that while it may not be effective against mosquitoes, it can help deter ants and may also repel ticks. In skincare, cedarwood essential oil has been observed to aid in improving resistant acne conditions. Studies suggest that cedarwood can support the reduction of discomfort, occasional swelling, and inflammation. It is also noted for its potential calming effects, with studies indicating that compounds in cedarwood may lower anxiety and promote relaxation. Cedarwood has also been used in hair care, where combined with lavender and rosemary oils, it has been tested for promoting hair growth. Cedarwood demonstrates antibacterial qualities in lab tests, showing effectiveness against bacteria like Escherichia coli. In facial treatments, mixing cedarwood oil with an anti-inflammatory carrier oil, such as jojoba, can be used as a spot treatment for acne or added to daily moisturizer.




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