Pejuta Akišni - Healing Medicine Tea



Pejuta Akišni - Healing Medicine

Chaga mushroom-Build immune function, Maintain stable energy levels, Promote detoxification of toxins and fatigue by-products, Support glands and adrenal hormones, Support liver function for fat and hormone metabolism, Promote healthy skin and skin repair,

Flat cedar (hanté blaska)- A tea of the leaves is used to treat colds and flu symptoms as it's very high in vitamin C.

Raspberry leaf- is known as a women's medicine and is used for all stages of womanhood. Raspberry leaves have tannins in the leaves which we call an astringent which means to tighten tissue. So it is taken to prepare the womb for childbirth or a healthy pregnancy. It isn't just for women as it has been known to tone the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

Goldenrod-This herb is a rich source of bioflavonoids. It tones respiratory mucous membranes while thinning secretions and lessening the sensitivity of the airways.

Nettle- superfood, high in vitamins, anti-inflammatory

Elderberry- anti-viral immune system booster, helps fight colds and flu


Steep 5-7 minutes in your preferred method of brewing tea, enjoy hot or cold, add some local honey and game on.

approximately .5-1.5 ounces of dried loose leaf tea.  At the rate of 2 tablespoons per cup twice daily there is a roughly a month supply of tea.