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Ingredients: Rose petals, Chamomile, Calendula, Lemon Balm.

Herbal bath teas have been around for centuries.  Indigenous Lakota women use different blends for different ailments, ceremonies, and birthing ceremonies.  

The skin is our biggest organ and using Bath Tea helps your skin absorb the health benefits of the herbs! 

 To prepare your Herbal Bath Tea: Run a bath with water as hot as you can use a 1/4 cup of the blend. Add to your bath and let "steep" until the water is cool enough to touch. Breathe deeply and soak. More is not better, please use the recommended amount as the hot water opens up your pores and you absorb a large amount of herbal medicine.

Makes 15-20 baths depending on amount used. 
Average product weight: 3 oz / 85.049 g comes in a resealable paper bag.

Store in the bag or jar it came in with a resealable top or an airtight container away from any moisture. Bath Teas do not expire.

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Nikki Brumbley
So Relaxing!

So relaxing and smells so good! Love this item!


All the products are just wonderful! Cant beat the quality and price and support such a great business!