Product Highlight: Everything Face Salve

Product Highlight: Everything Face Salve
Are you looking for a versatile product to elevate your skincare routine? Look no further than our Everything Face Salve – a multi-benefit solution to address various skin concerns and enhance your natural beauty.

Our Everything Face Salve is a powerhouse of benefits. From soothing and protecting the skin to reducing wrinkles, puffy under-eyes, sunspots, and fine lines, this product does it all. It's a versatile remedy for dry skin, chapped lips, sunburns, eczema, cuts, and scrapes. Perfect for all skin types, this salve is designed to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin caused by aging and sun exposure.

Crafted with a blend of premium natural ingredients, our Everything Face Salve contains Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Tamanu Oil, Calendula, Rose Petal, Nettle, Marshmallow Root, Horsetail, Peppermint, Elderberries, and Tea Tree Essential Oil. These ingredients work synergistically to deliver optimal results for your skin.

Available in 1 and 2oz tins, our Everything Face Salve is designed for on-the-go convenience. These compact sizes are perfect for any makeup bag and can even double as a base for our War Paint pigments.

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