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Product Highlight: Wahiŋkpe’s Pain Salve

Product Highlight: Wahiŋkpe’s Pain Salve
When my daughter Arrow was struck by sudden and intense leg pain that soon migrated to her left arm, it marked the beginning of a transformative journey. After numerous tests, medical professionals uncovered a rare genetic nerve pain disorder triggered specifically by cold temperatures. Determined to find a holistic solution, I embarked on creating Wahiŋkpe’s Pain Salve.

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of traditional medicine practiced by Indigenous communities for generations, I carefully selected a blend of medicinal plants known for their healing properties. This salve was not just a remedy; it was a manifestation of love and dedication to easing Arrow's discomfort without heavily relying on pharmaceutical interventions.
Crafted to provide temporary relief from a range of conditions including pain, spasms, restless leg syndrome, and specific types of nerve pain, our salve offers a gentle yet effective solution to alleviate discomfort.

- Lavender
- Plantain
- Comfrey
- Yarrow
- Calendula (marigold)
- Chamomile
- Arnica flower
- Ginger root
- Peppermint
- Magnesium oil infused in organic sunflower oil
- Ethically sourced organic beeswax

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Product Highlight: Rejuvenating Bath Tea

Product Highlight: Rejuvenating Bath Tea

Step back in time and discover the ancient tradition of herbal bath teas—a practice deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Indigenous Lakota women. For centuries, these women have harnessed the power of different herb blends for various ailments, ceremonies, and even birthing rituals. Today, we invite you to join this time-honored tradition and experience the rejuvenating benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

Our Rejuvenating Bath Tea blend features a harmonious mix of Peppermint, Lemon Balm, and Rose Petals, carefully selected to impart their healing properties to your skin. As the body's largest organ, your skin readily absorbs the nutrients and benefits of these herbs, promoting a holistic approach to skincare and wellness.

Prepare your Rejuvenating Bath Tea by adding a quarter cup of the blend to hot bathwater, allowing it to infuse until the temperature is comfortably warm. As you soak, breathe deeply, and let the natural essences of the herbs envelop you in a soothing embrace. Remember, less is more when it comes to herbal remedies—the powerful blend works best when used in moderation to optimize absorption and efficacy.

Dive into the Benefits

Rose Petals
- Enhances skin tone and texture
- Soothes and cleanses the skin
- Nourishes and regenerates cells
- The delightful fragrance of rose oil calms the senses and rejuvenates the skin, offering a luxurious sensory experience.

- Contains Menthol and Menthone for pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties
- Acts as an astringent, tightening pores and toning the skin
- Exhibits analgesic and cooling effects, perfect for soothing inflamed skin or relaxing tense muscles
- In aromatherapy, Peppermint boosts energy, relieves headaches, and promotes mental focus

Lemon Balm
- Known for its calming properties
- Rich in eugenol and tannins, providing antioxidant benefits
- Effective in protecting the skin against environmental stressors, thanks to its caffeic and ferulic acids

Experience the restorative powers of indigenous herbal blends with our Herbal Bath Tea. Let the essence of centuries-old traditions and natural remedies transport you to a place of rejuvenation and wellness. Elevate your self-care routine by incorporating these time-tested ingredients and embark on a journey of holistic healing for your body and soul.

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Product Highlight: Cinnilla Buffer Bar

Product Highlight: Cinnilla Buffer Bar

Indulge your senses and treat your skin to the luxurious goodness of our Cinnilla Buffer Bars! Infused with the warm aromas of cinnamon and vanilla essential oils, these hemp-based soap bars are a delightful addition to your skincare regimen.

Our Cinnilla Buffer Bars combine the exfoliating properties of ground nutmeg with the calming scents of cinnamon and vanilla essential oils. Use them as a gentle exfoliator to slough off dead or dry skin and reveal smoother, more radiant skin beneath.

Ingredients & Benefits
Hemp Glycerin: Packed with antioxidants, replenishes skin's natural oils, cleanses pores deeply, reduces flakiness and wrinkles.
Cinnamon Bark and Nutmeg: Soothes dry skin and promotes circulation.
Cinnamon Essential Oil: Relieves pain and hydrates dry skin.
Vanilla Essential Oil: Known for its anti-aging and skin-firming properties.

To reap the full benefits of our Cinnilla Buffer Bars, wet your skin, gently rub the bar in circular motions, add water to create a lather, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry. For best results, follow up with a moisturizer or Solid Lotion.

Our Body Bars are crafted without added preservatives or harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, or synthetic fragrances. They're also free of microplastics and plastic packaging, making them a sustainable choice for both your body and the environment. To prolong the lifespan of your bars, store them in their bags to prevent softening and dissolving.

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Product Highlight: Everything Face Salve

Product Highlight: Everything Face Salve
Are you looking for a versatile product to elevate your skincare routine? Look no further than our Everything Face Salve – a multi-benefit solution to address various skin concerns and enhance your natural beauty.

Our Everything Face Salve is a powerhouse of benefits. From soothing and protecting the skin to reducing wrinkles, puffy under-eyes, sunspots, and fine lines, this product does it all. It's a versatile remedy for dry skin, chapped lips, sunburns, eczema, cuts, and scrapes. Perfect for all skin types, this salve is designed to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin caused by aging and sun exposure.

Crafted with a blend of premium natural ingredients, our Everything Face Salve contains Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Tamanu Oil, Calendula, Rose Petal, Nettle, Marshmallow Root, Horsetail, Peppermint, Elderberries, and Tea Tree Essential Oil. These ingredients work synergistically to deliver optimal results for your skin.

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