Thoz'i (Green) Eyeshadow


Lakota Made's War Paint eyeshadows are made using all plant-based ingredients! Vegan, bee-friendly, and cruelty-free natural makeup.

Thoz'i (dtoe-zee) means green in the Lakota language.

Ingredients: alfalfa powder, arrowroot powder

How to use: Please keep in mind this is NOT normal makeup! Since War Paint eyeshadows are plant-based, they provide a soft, gentle, and natural color and are easy to remove. There are no binders, mica, talc, or added synthetic chemicals. Because of this, we recommend using one of our Facial Oils or Lip Balms as a primer before applying the eyeshadow to ensure the eyeshadow color remains visible throughout the day! Apply using your preferred makeup brush for a naturally fabulous look!

Comes in a 1oz tin (not 1oz of powder)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jenni P
Perfect color

I love this color. It goes well with my olive skin and brown eyes, especially when using the brown eyeshadow.

Liz A
My girlfriend loved it!

Smells nice, beautiful color, love that it's made out of all natural ingredients!!