Wahinkpe's Pain Salve - 4oz


Wahiŋkpe (wah – hiŋk – pay) means “arrow” in the Lakota language.

Ingredients: lavender, plantain, comfrey, yarrow, calendula (marigold), chamomile, arnica flower, ginger root, peppermint, and magnesium oil infused in organic sunflower oil and ethically sourced organic beeswax.

Use: for temporary topical relief from pain and spasms such as restless leg syndrome, as well as some nerve pain. 

Application: apply small amount on affected area. Wait 30-60 minutes and add another thin layer if necessary.  

Note from Megan: This salve is two years in the making. I began developing this salve when my daughter Arrow (Wahiŋkpe) developed a sudden severe pain in her legs. Since then, it has moved into her left arm as well. After extensive testing, doctors found she has a rare genetic nerve pain disorder, which has no noticeable triggers other than cold temperatures. So, I developed this salve using medicinal plants that have been used for generations by Indigenous peoples, to help Arrow without having to rely solely on pharmaceutical medications.

Salves should be kept in a cool, dry area.  Do not let salves freeze or melt as this will cause the consistency to be off. The product should still work as intended if this happens, but the consistency will make it more difficult to apply.

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