Rose & Mint Acne Facial Bar


Ingredients: Goats Milk Glycerin, Rose Petals, Peppermint Leaves, Bentonite Clay, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Essential Oil

Our Rose & Mint Acne Facial Bar is a powerful yet gentle facial cleanser. Made with a rich base of natural goat milk, it also helps to balance levels of moisture on breakout-prone skin!

Other plant-based ingredients include crushed rose petals, mint leaves, bentonite clay, witch hazel, and tea tree oil — all carefully chosen and included in this face soap in order to help fight breaks out and heal current blemishes!

Pairs very well with our Acne Care Facial & Body Oil

Soaps can be returned back to their bags for storage, preventing bars from sitting in water will keep them from softening and dissolving. They can be hung up in a shower or put in a cupboard.

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