Commonly Asked Questions

Question: Do I sell Sage, Cedar, Bitter root, Bear Root, Ceremony smudge sticks, Peyote, magic mushrooms, mushrooms, etc?

Answer: No.  I do not sell any of the above.  Why? I don't sell sacred plants or ceremony medicines as they are not to be sold.  They are to be gathered by the individual needing that medicine or ceremony.  It is also gifted by others. 

Question: What do you sell?

Answer:  Everything available is on my products page, if it's not on there I don't sell it. 

Question: Do i sell bulk herbs?

Answer:  I am not insured or licensed to sell raw materials in Minnesota.  

Question: Do I offer wholesale?

Answer: Yes.  Please email me. Wholesale prices only available to other businesses not individuals. 

Question: Where am I located?

Answer: Mankato MN