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The Power of Self-Motivation & Encouragement

The Power of Self-Motivation & Encouragement

Self motivation and encouragement are powerful tools that can change the course of anyone's life. Growing up, I witnessed firsthand the impact of these two qualities in my parents. Despite not having a lot of money, they worked tirelessly to achieve their goals by juggling full-time jobs and full-time school. Their dedication and drive served as a constant source of inspiration for me.

From my parents, I learned that in order to create a better future for ourselves, we must take action and strive for improvement. Waiting for opportunities to come to us or expecting others to pave the way for us will only hold us back. It is crucial to step out of our comfort zones and actively pursue our dreams.

I am fortunate to work alongside a community of individuals who embody this same work ethic and determination. Together, we strive to better ourselves, support our neighborhoods, and foster growth within our business district.

Reflecting on the past, I am reminded of the resilience and resourcefulness of our ancestors. They lived in harmony with nature, relying on their own skills and ingenuity to create the life they desired. Their hard work and perseverance set the foundation for the thriving communities we see today.

I urge those who have been hesitant to pursue their dreams to take that first step. Whether it's starting a new business, learning a new skill, or simply making a change in your life, the key is to begin. Embrace the unknown, and trust in your ability to create the future you envision.

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Lakota Made: Not Just a Business, a Community

Inspiration can strike at any moment, and for me, it happened while I was in the shower. Most of my ideas come to me during that morning ritual, and the name "Lakota Made" was no exception. As a Lakota woman, I thought it was fitting to play on the pun - "I'm Lakota and I made it." I shared my idea with my husband, who loved it just as much as I did.

From that moment, I took the idea and ran with it. I created everything from scratch - the recipes, the labels, the branding - and started Lakota Made from the ground up. It was a labor of love that I poured my heart and soul into. Over time, I've built an incredible team that helps me bring my vision to life.

We often get questions from customers curious about where our products come from and who makes them. The answer is simple - we make it all ourselves. Everything is produced at our facility in Mankato, Minnesota, where we work tirelessly to create high-quality, handcrafted products.

For years, the recipes for our products existed solely in my head. However, with the help of my dedicated team, we've been able to document and refine them. Together, we work to through challenges, grow the business, and support each other every step of the way.

At Lakota Made, we pride ourselves on creating everything in-house. From harvesting the plants to processing them, turning them into products, labeling them, and shipping them out, every step of the process is done by us. We don't believe in white labeling, where products are purchased and rebranded - everything we sell is truly made by us.

I couldn't have built Lakota Made without my amazing team. Each member plays a vital role in the success of the business, and I am grateful for their hard work and dedication. We support each other, laugh together, and tackle challenges as a united front.

As we continue to grow and expand, we remain committed to our mission of creating handcrafted, quality products that our customers love. Every day, we are reminded of the journey we've been on and the incredible team that makes it all possible. At Lakota Made, it's not just a business - it's a community of friends working together to create something truly special. Continue reading