Deodorant Bar


This is our ONLY Lotion Bar still produced in bar form. Our other Lotion Bars now come as Solid Lotions in metal tins.

Don't sweat the small stuff — get peace of mind and all-day deodorizing protection from this natural deodorant bar! (Bonus: It's chemical and plastic-free!)

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Beeswax, Probiotic, Arrowroot Powder

How to use: Rub on as you would a normal deodorant stick — and do so without any fear of slathering on unnecessary synthetics, parabens, or chemicals. Warm with hands or warm towel to help soften the bar, making it easier to apply. For external use only.

Bar weighs 3.75oz

Keep bars from sitting in water to avoid unwanted softening and dissolving. Store in a cool, dry place.


Customer Reviews

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Judy Baker
Really wanted this to work for me!

I have a problem with underarm odor and have tried so many products over the years. I was so excited to receive this deodorant bar because I have loved everything else that I have purchased from them. This unfortunately did not help me during exercise it worked well under normal conditions but I am a walker everyday. It’s hot here in the south so I need something that controls underarm odor. Please don’t let the persuade not to purchase this product. We are all different and everything works differently for each of us. Lakota Made products are top notch and I love so many of them.

Works for sensitive skin

I will occasionally develop a painful underarm rash once every couple of months, this stuff helps me to still feel protected and it seems to help heal my armpit rashes. I prefer to have more scent so I usually apply a thick layer of this stuff and then spray deodorant over top and that seems to work really well and protect my sensitive skin from the spray.

it works!

Of course I was curious! It is a bit soft so I have to be careful to not hold it too tight when applying. It holds up to the pit smell test at the end of a lowkey day (ha).
I will totally be getting more of this in the future!


I love the deodorant so much I'm very sensitive to other deodorants I have tried in the past. But this one not only does not mess with my skin but stays on all day.

Exceeded Expectations!

Honestly, curiosity got the better of me, so I ordered this bar. When I received it, my first “official test” was 20 minutes of aerobics (and I’m a bigger girl, so I was definitely breaking a sweat!). I will say, it far exceeded my expectations! I may not opt for it on super-hot days, but it’s so great to have found a reliable chemical free option for cooler days (which, in WI, far outnumber “super-hot” days anyway! lol)