Pain Relief Bundle

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Say goodbye to pain with our NEW Pain Relief Bundle!

This bundle offers various methods to alleviate discomfort, providing you with relief and allowing you to get back to doing what you love.

Pain / Discomfort Salve- It's ideally suited for treating symptoms of discomfort or pain related to inflammation, sore muscles, tight joints, and more. It can even play a positive role in helping to heal bruises and minor muscle strains.

Marigold and Turmeric Hand Soap - This gently moisturizing soap bar is lightly scented with dried marigold flowers (calendula), and enriched with turmeric root powder. Great to use for sore joints, muscles, and for those with arthritis.

Ksuyeya Tincture - Natural pain reliever for general pain and discomfort. 

Ksuyeya Pain Salve - Topical muscle pain and discomfort relief with a slight cooling sensation.  Apply as needed.  Soaks into the skin very well after a few minutes!