Medicinals Starter Bundle

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Get started on your journey to natural healing with our NEW Medicinal Starter Bundle!

This comprehensive starter pack includes all the essentials you need! Experience the healing energy of nature's remedies with our trusted products.

Pain / Discomfort Salve- Eases discomfort or pain related to inflammation, sore muscles, tight joints, and more. It can even play a positive role in helping to heal bruises and minor muscle strains.

Triple Healing Salve - This ultra-restorative salve is a triple threat thanks to its three hallmark components: plantain, yarrow, wild white willow bark.

Elderberry Infused Honey - Use to combat colds and flu.

Juniper Nettle Tea - Helps with heartburn, bloating, upset stomach, allergies, detox, appetite loss, gastrointestinal infections.

Maku Rub - Rub on chest to help relieve chest congestion.  Moisturizing, soothing, and calming.

Echinacea & Yarrow Tincture - A powerful immune system boost while sick with colds, flus, and respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia.

Nettle Shampoo and Body Bar - Unscented, goats milk glycerin soap for dry or sensitive skin, dandruff, and eczema.