Nettle Goldenrod Tincture


Ingredients: Nettle, Goldenrod, Plant Glycerin, Water (alcohol-free)

This tincture reduces inflammation, alleviates pain from joints and headaches, and also helps to drain the sinuses and soothe allergy symptoms. Both nettle and goldenrod are nutrient-rich medicinal herbs and provide a light natural detox when taken daily.

Uses: May support overall health and well-being. Supports digestion, and may provide relief for sinus and urinary tract health.

Dosage: children 1yr+ take 1-2 drops daily. Adults take 2-5 drops daily.

Storage: After opening, store in refrigerator. The tincture should be used within 2 months of opening. Tinctures have a shelf life of 1 year unopened, if properly stored. Proper storage is to keep the tincture in a cool, dry place away from sunlight (medicine cabinet, pantry, etc) and make sure the bottle is tightly sealed after opening. 

Product comes in a 2oz glass amber dropper bottle.

Ingredient Benefits

Stinging nettle: has been traditionally used by Lakota people in a variety of ways for medicinal purposes. Nettle provides a wide variety of nutrients, and as a tincture can be taken daily as a natural detox and immune system booster. Nettle can also reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain from headaches and migraines, and more!

Medicinal benefits of nettle: Stinging nettle’s leaves and root provide a wide variety of nutrients, including:

  • Vitamins: Vitamins A, C and K, as well as several B vitamins
  • Minerals: Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium
  • Fats: Linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid
  • Amino acids: All of the essential amino acids
  • Polyphenols: Kaempferol, quercetin, caffeic acid, coumarins and other flavonoids
  • Pigments: Beta-carotene, lutein, luteoxanthin and other carotenoids
  • Anti-inflammatory: aids in over inflammations in the body.

What’s more, many of these nutrients act as antioxidants inside your body.

Antioxidants are molecules that help defend your cells against damage from free radicals. Damage caused by free radicals is linked to aging, as well as cancer and other harmful diseases.

Studies indicate that stinging nettle extract can raise blood antioxidant levels. 

Goldenrod: used to reduce pain and swelling (inflammation), as a diuretic to increase urine flow, and to stop muscle spasms. It is also used for gout, joint pain (rheumatism), arthritis. Also known for helping clear up sinuses and slow drainage of sinuses.  Also helps with allergies!

Kidney & Bladder Health

With powerful diuretic properties, Goldenrod helps to flush out impurities by helping to release excess water and increase urine flow. This can help to dislodge renal deposits that might otherwise develop into kidney stones and removes other potentially harmful microorganisms.

Goldenrod has been researched extensively for its ability to soothe and tone the urinary tract and reduce the discomfort and swelling associated with urinary tract infections (UTIs). It is often used in “irrigation therapy”, a procedure that involves taking Goldenrod with lots of fluids to increase urine flow in an effort to treat inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract, as well as stones in the kidney or urinary tract. According to PubMed; “Investigations in molecular pharmacology could show new mechanisms responsible for the biological effect of natural products from goldenrod extracts. The use of such herbal preparations with a rather complex action spectrum (anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, diuretic, antispasmodic, analgesic) is especially recommended for the treatment of infections and inflammations, to prevent the formation of kidney stones and to help remove urinary gravel.” Goldenrod has also been shown to exhibit strong preventative effects for those who suffer from recurring UTIs.


Classed as an astringent herb and a strong decongestant, Goldenrod can help to dry up congestion caused by colds, flu, allergies, and sinus problems. It contains a flavonoid called quercetin which acts as an antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. As a mild diaphoretic, Goldenrod helps to open up the pores and release heat through the skin, therefore supporting the reduction of a fever.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties make this herb extremely soothing for sore throats and laryngitis.


Goldenrod is packed with antioxidants – well-known herbalist and researcher Robert Dale Rogers assert that it has 7 x the antioxidant levels of green tea. It is rich in the antioxidant compound known as rutin, whose benefits include strengthening blood vessels, promoting healthy circulation and preventing blood clots, making it especially beneficial to the cardiovascular system as a whole

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