Elderberry Bundle

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Boost your immune system with our NEW Elderberry Bundle!

Packed with the powerful antioxidant properties of elderberry and essential nutrients, this bundle supports overall wellness and helps to fight off cold and flu symptoms a natural and effective way to stay healthy and strong!

Elderberry Tonic -  Take daily for immune boost or during symptoms of cold, flu, upper respiratory illness.

Elderberry Infused Honey - Use to treat colds and flu.

Pejuta Akisni Tea - Healing Medicine Tea.

Elderberry Tincture - Use this tincture as a daily immune system booster and antioxidant, and to reduce symptoms of colds and flus.

Elderberry Honey Syrup - Mix this syrup with juice, coffee, tea, smoothies and more. A sweet, healthy syrup you can use just about anywhere you want!